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A huge rock outcropping between two high rises in Powai, Mumbai. I don’t think they’ll be building there for a while. Note the ever-present Mumbai rickshaw. It’s just, well, ever-present.

I screwed up..  Really I did.  I left my camera in the apartment. The plan was to take photos of my day and write about them. I was so exhausted that first few hours on Indian soil that I even  forgot I had a  phone camera. I ended the day with a picture of a rock and a haircut’s before and after.  I promise I’ll do better next time.

Dawn broke cool,  breezy, cleansing somehow through the pervasive dusty  haze .  A curious  Mumbai crow,  glossy black and deep blue,  sat on the iron railing of the the window frame.  I lay in bed watching it (him/her? How do you sex a crow?) as it watched me,  head turning this way and that in that strange jerking motion common to all  birds,  the organic stepper motors kicking in as presumably instinct or desire attracted a look in a different direction.  I looked at its head and wondered about its peripheral vision,  the eyes  being set on either side  so widely.  It was a strange communion,  my sleepy gaze and the sinister stare of this half pound scavenger.  I got out of bed and it hopped to a higher railing,  doing a sort of feng shui defensive dance swiveling to the open sky behind.  Every now and again an ant ran  across the window sill and opening that black shiny scimitar of a beak,  the crow would devour it  like a  tapas snack.   After a few of these morsels,  the crow yawned;  I did too.  We were obviously tired of each other.   It  flew off and I stumbled into the shower to drive me into a semblance of wakefulness.  Good morning Mumbai!

Refreshed somewhat and hungry,  I  went off in search of my own tapas.