Day 1/2, A 1 act play with 4 scenes

Please note no Internet access for ten days.  Will be sending posts I’m roughly chronological order…….


View from the plane flying over Annapurna range

Scene 1
Hotel room,  Pokhara,  the early  morning  before  the trek. 

Awoke in discomfort at 3 am.   The food and its attached bacteria  I ate the night before  aren’t  happy with me.  They are  twisting and turning and writhing and jumping up and down and wanting to escape the confines of my  gastrointestinal tract.  I’m wondering if it’s a one time jail break or a full blown prison riot.  Sadly,  it’s the latter.
Leaving at 5 am to go to the airport.  Drag my sorry ass into the shower  take some appropriate drugs and hope for the best.

Scene 2
Airport,  Pokhara,  7 am. 

Flight finally boards,  I’m hoping the plane is better held together than poor me.  It’s the same type of plane we flew to Lukla on ( see my other blog post http://trastavere.wordpress.com here).  Flight is uneventful.  Arrive in Jomsom,  about 40 miles north of Pokhara but with a bloody great big mountain range in the way.  Hence the plane rather than the 13 hour jeep ride. 

Scene 3
Lodge at Jomsom 8 am.
Eat breakfast.  Toast.  Hope it stays down.  Doesn’t. It just keeps moving on through…  Pretty town.  High desert and windier than hell. Start walking up  the river valley to our rest stop for tonight. 

Scene 4
Ancient village of Kagbeni. 1pm

Make it to Kagbeni after windy and dusty 7 km hike  and need sleep desperately.  No food = no energy.  Decide to go to bed.  Room has attached bathroom with hot water,  no less,  but is colder than a Minnesota winter blizzard.  I dump the dusty trekking gear and get in my down sleeping bag with two extra blankets  fall asleep,  punctuated by treks to the bathroom.  3 hours later feel a bit better. 

Postscript…  The bad guys finally vacated the premises the day after…. No problems for the rest of the trek. 


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