Jet lag, travel

In a box


    Villa Harmony infinity pool and rice paddies, late afternoon, Ubud, Bali, March 2014
    This shot captures the exactness of the line between here and there..instead of calling them infinity pools,  we should call them definity pools.

    But this photo has very little to do with the present moment.  It’s merely a reminder of beauty and the art of light and shadow,  of reflection and timing.  Of definition.  And I love it.  I hope you do too. 

    The new face of now is a tired happy man lying in bed after a nine thousand mile journey half way around the globe.  I made it to Mumbai,  breezed through late evening traffic from the airport in the aptly named air-conditioned cab (“Cool Cab”)  to the home of my dear friends in the northern suburbs. 

    The nature of jet lag has been expounded on by authorities far more worthy than I along with innumerable remedies that work in part and by individual circumstance  but waking up after 4 hours sleep doesn’t make it any easier.   It’s not the dislocation of clock time  so much as the need to adjust all of  ones  bodily functions one by one…  When to eliminate,  when to  eat,  when to shave  and so on.  We may consciously disavow routines but we run better as an organism with them.. Which  leads me to ask do our fellow prokaryotic life sleep? How are they affected by this time shift?   Are they rumbling in the oven of my intestines going “I’m hungry,  I need naan bread”.  Indeed they are..  I follow the school of thought that they run me, and thus I must bow to my masters and go stuff my face! Good morning India!


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